Well do I remember the day.

Shatter checked out of the hotel.

I told them that was ridiculous.

It's all my fault!

Please be quiet, everybody.

I'm good at coming up with characters and personalities.

How much money do we have left?

I'm determined to solve this puzzle before I go home today.

Stop joking.

Arne walked around the car and opened the door for Hubert.


Don't you have nausea?

Wear whatever you want to wear.

Son sipped the wine that Gary had poured for him.

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How much money did Monica promise you?


I know atheists that have more humanity than all these religious and these socialists.


Anyhow, he may now be in Paris.

Let's go to my office.

I'm studying French now.

I don't have time to do that.

You come from Sweden.

Ah, Alsace! It is usually known for the beauty of its half-timbered houses, its renowned gastronomy and its famous Christmas markets. However, it is also a cultural crossroads in the heart of Europe. It links France, Switzerland and Germany through an incredible diversity of landscapes where, flanked by mountains and the banks of the Rhine, open-air activities abound.

He was reluctant to answer.

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She is cautious of giving offense to others.

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We all sat.

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The test result showed how much he had studied.


The smoke is rising in the air.

Which instruments do you play?

They stated that it was a flagrant violation of international law.

Are your opinions representative of those of the other students?

The girl is happily reading.

So far there has been no news.

They're replacing the rotten piles under the bridge.


I manage just fine.

She needed 10.5 liters of nitric acid for the experiment.

You ought to have apologized to her.


How could I hoodwink him?


I just made a friend.

Skeeter and Leif like to dance.

Socorrito doesn't know what he'd do without Raymond.

That's a hard question.

What can I help you with?


It's just a question of when.

I play basketball with her.

Leo sat down between Daniele and her husband.

Your boyfriend is really handsome.

I was deeply shocked to hear of the tragic death of your beloved son.

Did we make it?

Go and see for yourself what has happened.

I itch everywhere.

I know Dwight can hardly wait.

I'm nearly finished.

"Ah, the trailing group has arrived." "Oh no. They caught up with us while we were resting."


This is a picture painted by him.

My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Let's drive to the lake.

At least tell her how you feel.

We're expecting about 3,000 people to come to our concert in the park.

Sara took pictures of that mountain in summer.

Dimitry took her time choosing a dress even though Cristi was waiting for her.


That would take years.


You're gorgeous.

Tomatoes are good for people who suffer stomach pain from excess stomach acid when their stomach is empty.

They looked as if they would cry.

You showed that you were afraid of their reaction.

We take the same bus to work.

How would you describe the culture of your workplace?

Franklin is an aggressive person.

He looks as if he had been ill.

He is incompetent.

How many students were affected?

I want that job.

Who cares about that?

Nobody can disrupt true friendships.

Woods grow greener in the spring.

Could you send it to this address?

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We demoted you.

I heard him coming downstairs.

At noon they lay down in a forest to rest.

He signed the petition.

Benjamin offered me a very sweet deal.

I hope that continues.

Do you love her?

Devon stretched out on a beach towel.

Pravin comes from a planet called Earth. It's very far away.


The past 6 months have made me a very happy girl.


It was not until I got off the bus that I realized I had left my umbrella.


Does Sanity look confused?

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He was bartering information.

I bought this for Raman.

I'm with NTT.

Bryce held the coin between his thumb and forefinger.

They were happy when they heard the good news.

I live on the outskirts of Boston.

Tait is very ingenious.

Do you think that chest hair is sexy?

Then, what if it's not?

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I've seen Herb help people.

I need a hug.

She sucks up to the teacher.

He is anxious about his future.

Why haven't you been showing up to work lately?

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Wow, you look different.

He was arrested based on little evidence.

They won't allow us to enter the garden.

We've given up on love.

John's sculpture is horrible!


What's your impression of them?

We are facing a violent crisis.

Please use the water with economy.


Mahmoud can't seem to get over Sheila's death.

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Oh, that you could learn to see clearly! That the film might be removed from your eyes!

I've already told them that.

Idle hands are the devil's playthings.

How soon can you get that done?

It won't be the same without you.

The hail harmed the crops.

I am not telling you anything new.

Interpreting is the most important part in translation.

I called them today.

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I have no friends supporting me.

We must develop renewable energy sources.

Do you even remember us?

Jianyun doesn't want to eat.

It is necessary for you to study harder.


The warning came too late.

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Can you hold on a moment?


I don't have the slightest doubt.

What is it like to be a god?

The economy contracted in the last quarter.


Christofer keeps looking at you.

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Terry is very gullible.

Stagger told me.

Sandy made Son go first.


The white wine should be colder.

Peter was an altruistic video game player; he would give items to people who needed them, rather than selling them for personal profit.

The employees were intrigued by the odd behavior of their boss.

Will you have another slice of pie?

It's not a trick.


Have you read this yet?


As long as it was winter, he did not go outdoors.


I don't want to see Louis now.

See you at Helen's place.

Stop. I don't want to.

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The peacock has a truly gorgeous tail.

Remember when Marla was funny?

When did you see Tatoeba for the first time?


Where did you pick up that accent?


Let's pay him a visit.

The Second Solar System War devastated the home planet.

The mountain rises above the plain.

Why did Kimmo lock the door?

They're a little tight.

When did Jisheng tell you?

Health is wealth.

He is handsome, and what is more very rich.

Dimetry is traveling alone.


Forgive me for being dressed like this.

The Arabs lived across the Arabian Peninsula before the birth of Islam.

He is far from telling a lie.


I think it's time for me to get a new job.